Advancing Your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Initiatives

Whether we supplement your existing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) staff, or if you decide to partner with us to handle all of your billing needs, our team is ready to help you maximize every account and find every possible reimbursement that is owed to your practice.

Your Expertise is Medicine. Ours is Receivables.
With TBS as your partner, you’re free of cash flow hassles, from billing to insurance claims to collections - free to do what you do best. No matter how big or small your billing needs, we’re here to help.

Higher Revenues, Faster Cash Flow and Fewer Claims
Whether you need individual services or a total outsourced RCM solution, we can have your service up and running in as little as two days. Prepare for higher revenues, faster cash flow, less denied claims – and more peace of mind with our complete Revenue Cycle Solutions approach.

The Business Side’s billing and collections professionals will exceed your expectations…for efficient, worry-free and cost-effective medical billing collections.

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