Revenue Discovery Assessment

A complimentary assessment of your data

There’s revenue hiding in your data

Our 30+ years of medical billing and healthcare financial expertise indicates that there’s a very good chance that you are missing out on a significant amount of income. And it’s hiding in your data.

For this complimentary assessment, we will conduct a billing review which includes:

  • Looking at a sampling of your largest claims to determine if you are coding them in the most advantageous way
  • Reviewing your Write-Off and Accounts Receivables reports
  • Conduct a gap analysis between yield and net income and provide a path forward to improve this critical measurement of OBL health!

What You’ll Receive

When we are completed with our analysis, we will schedule a presentation with your team, explaining our results and recommendations – all at no cost or obligation to you

You’ll walk away from this meeting with a clear guide of what steps you’ll need to take to capture lost revenue

How Long Will It Take?

Approximately two weeks after we have access to your billing data (without PHI, of course)

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