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Our team are experts at managing the "business side" of physician practices. Let us help you with your marketing programs to:

  • Educate and provide critical and relevant information to patient population
  • Attract new patients
  • Communicate with current patients

The top 5 reasons you should be marketing your practice now:

  1. Your local healthcare system is marketing their services – why aren’t you?Attract new patients and get busy again - don’t wait for the phone to ring
  2. Engage a firm that knows the business side of healthcare
  3. Our digital marketing services are efficient, easy to get started and effective
  4. Communicate to your current patients - digital marketing provides for an effective communication with your patient population and helps educate and inform
Looking for ways to attract new patients to your practice? Let's talk.

From initial call to marketing your practice within 2 business days

Your healthcare practice can be communicating to your current patients and attracting new ones in just two days! How it works:

  • No contracts
  • No long-term commitments
  • 30 minutes of your time is all we need
  • We'll be promoting your practice in your local market within 2 business days
  • Data driven dashboards for impact decision making
  • Best way to keep in touch during COVID-19

Proven Marketing Techniques

An urgent care center has seen a dramatic increase in new patients and overall patient volume with our digital promotion campaigns. Since late April 2020, the center has seen the following results:

  • Average patients per day increase from 12 per day to more than 25 per day!
  • Attracted 120 new patients to the center in less than three months
  • Office has become so busy that they opened their offices one of the days that had traditionally been closed

Let's talk about how we can have similar success with your practice!