The Business Side, Inc., provides hospital billing services and specializes in high-value, high-touch project work such as credit balance clean-up, A/R catch-up, and pre-visit eligibility verification, and we’re glad to fill in or catch you up in a pinch or take the burden off of you longer term.

Eligibility verification done prior to patient arrival to assure insurance payment for services rendered.

Aggressive, yet professional, pursuit of payment from insurance companies and patients to resolve aging A/R. Demographic and charge entry and tracking with regular reporting to manage receivables.

We can turn up to 85% of your existing Credit Balances into Net Income. Most Credits are not actually money you owe someone else. Credit Balances usually occur as a result of honest mistakes, errors in processes, or simply due to the timing of payment. It takes expertise to effectively and efficiently move the correct Credits from your Balance Sheet to your P&L as Net Income.

Pursuit of full payment on claims, resolution of underpaid claims,and submission of secondary claims.

Analysis of RAC determinations, preparation of response, and oversight of appeal process.

Big Data analytics to determine trends and patterns in denials in order to resolve them at their root cause.

We quickly and easily capture missing or overlooked Net Income with Credit Balance Scrubbing, DSH Payment Validation, Fee-For-Service Review, Technology Transition, Single Payer Negotiations/Issues and more.

Credit balances usually happen because of errors or the timing of payment. The Business Side has worked with many clients to fix these issues and move the correct credits from your balance sheet to . We have the expertise to effectively and efficiently remediate these credit balances and turn up to 85% of them into net income.

Everyone knows the DPP equation, but few know that every facet of the equation provides opportunities to maximize your payments. Let us ferret out all pertinent information to maximize your DSH payment for not only the years that you did receive, but try to secure DSH payment for years you did not qualify.

Is your organization switching from one EHR to another? Our medical billing specialists can help relieve some of the burden by handling your existing A/R in the old system to help avoid mis-postings and other errors. We have experience with a myriad of systems and workflows.

If you have a big problem, we can get involved and advocate for your win – We have the track record to prove it.

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We work with your existing staff and systems to deliver the results you need. Now. Have multiple systems or a complex workflow process? No problem. We’re expert at interfacing with a myriad of systems and workflows in order to tackle the challenge so you don’t have to. We’ve been doing it for 20 years. No matter how big or small the project, we’re here to help. Really.



The Business Side has been around for 20 years serving those in the medical field allowing them to get back to doing what they love, not the nagging chores. We can provide short term or long term help, using your systems or helping you get the next level in efficiency. We can help get your money for you and manage the Business Side of things.



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