We use our RCM expertise to find missing revenue:

Credit Balance Scrubbing: We can turn up to 85% of your existing Credit Balances into Net Income. Most Credits are not actually money you owe someone else. Credit Balances usually occur as a result of honest mistakes, errors in processes, or simply due to the timing of payment. It takes expertise to effectively and efficiently move the correct Credits from your Balance Sheet to your P&L as Net Income.

DSH Payment Validation: Everyone knows the DPP equation, but few know that every facet of the equation provides opportunities to maximize your payments. Let us ferret out all pertinent information to maximize your DSH payment for not only the years that you did receive, but try to secure DSH payment for years you did not qualify.

Fee-For-Service Review: Every hospital we’ve worked with has left money on the table that we have been able to help them recover. We will analyze your patient population in order to find those self-pay patients falling within Timely Filing Limits that have insurance coverage not yet identified.

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