Permanent physician billing solutions

Full cycle physician billing services ensure that your new profit centers stay profitable. Exceeding benchmarks may be a struggle for your CBO, but it’s not for us. TBS seamlessly integrates with your practices to optimize profitability, provide customized reporting and solutions for a myriad of issues like staff shortcomings and volume overloads.

Whether your enterprise needs a full CBO solution or help with any piece that has been problematic, we can help. Our mission is to improve efficiency every step of the way, from claims to collections. With 24-hour turnaround at each stage of the billing process, and multiple layers of quality control, we generate cleaner claims faster. Result: better yields at lower costs.

Our extensive experience in physician billing makes us the ideal partner to implement unfamiliar procedures and handle higher volumes. Result: you can focus on keeping physicians and patients happy.

By taking your clearinghouse information and improving it with our proactive and retroactive scrubbing eligibility tools, we optimize claim payments.

Aggressive, yet professional, pursuit of payment from insurance companies and patients to resolve aging A/R. Demographic and charge entry and tracking with regular reporting to manage receivables
Need an immediate solution?…
We can purchase your outstanding receivables, allowing you to receive your check now.

We can turn up to 85% of your existing Credit Balances into Net Income. Most Credits are not actually money you owe someone else. Credit Balances usually occur as a result of honest mistakes, errors in processes, or simply due to the timing of payment. It takes expertise to effectively and efficiently move the correct Credits from your Balance Sheet to your P&L as Net Income.

Everyone knows the DPP equation, but few know that every facet of the equation provides opportunities to maximize your payments. Let us ferret out all pertinent information to maximize your DSH payment for not only the years that you did receive, but try to secure DSH payment for years you did not qualify.

Analysis of RAC determinations, preparation of response, and oversight of appeal process.

Big data can support your most productive and prosperous clinical operations, and it will dramatically improve your bottom line.

Click here for more info about how we use Big Data analytics to determine trends and patterns in denials in order to resolve them at their root cause.

Denial Report Sample

We quickly and easily capture missing or overlooked Net Income with Credit Balance Scrubbing, DSH Payment Validation, Fee-For-Service Review, Technology Transition, Single Payer Negotiations/Issues and more.

Credit balances usually happen because of errors or the timing of payment. The Business Side has worked with many clients to fix these issues and move the correct credits from your balance sheet to . We have the expertise to effectively and efficiently remediate these credit balances and turn up to 85% of them into net income.

Everyone knows the DPP equation, but few know that every facet of the equation provides opportunities to maximize your payments. Let us ferret out all pertinent information to maximize your DSH payment for not only the years that you did receive, but try to secure DSH payment for years you did not qualify.

Is your organization switching from one EHR to another? Our medical billing specialists can help relieve some of the burden by handling your existing A/R in the old system to help avoid mis-postings and other errors. We have experience with a myriad of systems and workflows.

If you have a big problem, we can get involved and advocate for your win – We have the track record to prove it.

Temporary services – just what you need, when you need it

For hospitals looking to supplement their own CBO or other outsource provider’s capabilities, TBS also offers services a la carte. We’ll help you handle billing overflows, staff shortages or special projects such as closeouts and conversions.
When a hospital’s physician practice acquisitions outgrow the billing office’s manpower and knowhow, TBS fills the gap.

Temporary service


Has your organization’s growth outrun the billing department? We get you up to speed.

Physician billing expertise delivers proven solutions and flexible partnerships

Dedicated teams make billing and collection overflows disappear

Fast, accurate processes achieve better yields at lower costs

Acquiring private medical practices is a promising model for hospital growth. But, along with it comes new knowledge requirements, different procedures and higher volumes than the internal CBO has ever faced. That’s where The Business Side comes in.

We Expand Your Capacity.

Immediate ramp-up of all billing functions

24 hour turnaround at every billing stage maximizes cash flow

Persistent follow-up gets the most money from every claim

Expert consulting diagnoses problems, then solves them

Industry-specific knowledge helps keep you compliant with insurers and regulators

You Have Room to Grow

Seamless integration of practices absorbed by your institutions

Flexible services from complete outsourcing to project-based help

Save money on staffing, training and overhead costs

Increased satisfaction of physicians and patients

Streamlined processes minimize costly errors

When hospital billing departments fall behind…The Business Side puts them a step ahead.

Physician practice acquisitions causing growing pains?

TBS is just what the doctor ordered.

Increased income with no overhead is not just a prescription for success – it’s also our guarantee. Backed by over 20 years of physician billing experience in multiple states and specialties, we have the skills and tools to bill, collect, report and improve the financial position of hospital/enterprise-owned medical practices.

What We Do

Whether you need an ongoing solution or temporary help with a particular project…The Business Side offers a wide range of solutions, including demographic and charge entry, payment posting, accounts receivable management, collections, denial and dispute resolution, financial reporting, data analysis, recommendations and other support services for medical institutions and networks.

The Business Side sets you free to focus on growth…by taking the demands of physician billing off your hands. No need to spend time and money on staffing, training or equipment conversions – we integrate seamlessly with your own systems or provide you with ours.

We help organizations maximize profitability…with tried-and-true methods and state-of-the-art equipment that reduce processing times and increase collection ratios. When efficiency goes up, so does income.

Monthly reports and consultations identify opportunities…to improve billing procedures, practice performance and financial outcome. As your partner, it’s in our best interest to see that your accounts receivable actually get received.

Support and enhancement services… such as credentialing, training, establishment of protocols and coding advice, help ease the transition for hospital-acquired practices and their accounting.

What We Know

The unique challenges of medical practice billing…are our specialty. We help you identify areas of need, then implement solutions that work – for physicians, for patients and for your bottom line.

Our dedicated team approach pays off…when you make TBS your medical billing partner. We’ll assign you an exclusive account manager to lead a team of professionals who make it their business to thoroughly understand your business.

Long-term relationships with major payers…gives TBS a serious edge in resolving claims-related issues and minimizing lost reimbursements. This insider access to key decision-makers at health and auto insurance carriers, Medicare/Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation Insurance is one of our best assets.


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