Attracting new patients without breaking the bank

How would you like to get your phones ringing and your staff busy again? Partner with a company that won’t charge you a service fee.

We’re so confident that our promotional campaigns will attract new business for your practice, we aren’t going to charge you a dime to do it*.

Yes, you read that correctly. We won’t charge any fees for creating and implementing the promotional campaigns to attract new patients to your practice. Your expenses will only be what you decide to spend on media (geotargeting, texting, etc.) and that goes directly to those platforms. No markups, no contracts or crazy agency fees whatsoever.

Why are we doing this? Like you, we are entrepreneurs, and we know the business side of healthcare and want to help. Our programs will attract new patients and get your current patients to come back for additional services.

Want to learn more or get started? Check out this video to learn more. Let’s talk today and you can start seeing new patients next week!

*No fee for the first month, then only a modest services fee thereafter. No long term contracts required. 

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